Sunday, February 10, 2019

Patricia Deaton's "Old House" after Douglas Grant

Art of Poetry's Patricia Deaton shares her poem inspired by the Douglas Grant watercolor at Art of Poetry Catawba Valley's tour of Hickory Museum of Art - October 13, 2018.

by Patricia Deaton
after Over Yander by Douglas Grant

Old House, call the young girl home
who cooked for those who raised your roof that day.

They lingered underneath this oak, among them
young men, bound to go to war.

Call to that whole family, sick inside your cozy walls
order nailed upon the door to keep disease and death in.

They rest now upon the rise, stones as white as bones
that mark their graves.

Call to the man who wanders in across the yard
from bottom land, and wonders if he’s seen this place before

Upstairs in dreams, he cries for things he never will forget
and hopes, to God, he never sees again.

Old house, call all the people home who filled
your days with hard and less-hard ways of life
back thenwhen innocence could not last for long.

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