Monday, August 26, 2019

Courtney Gant's "Why Creativity?" after hannah grace

by Courtney Gant
after Don’t Forget To Dream by hannah grace

Because my feelings are
As a river
Flowing through and through

Because my life is parchment
And my soul is the quill,
Dripping in ink

Because my mind is
Words, words,
Oh, so many words

Because my aspirations
Lie within the very craft
Of a word, a note, a stroke

Because I am
A communicative being
And those surrounding me are as well

Because I connect
With others through things
Opposite from the superficial

Ask me, “why creativity?”
And I’ll say,
Because it is me.

Monday, August 19, 2019

Doug McHargue's "Blackberry Nation" after Laura Crooks

Doug McHargue photographed at the July 13, 2019 tour of Alexander County Library and FOUND: The Art of Community exhibit curated by Miranda Burgin. The photograph that inspired her work was taken by library director, Laura Crooks.

by Doug McHargue
after One for Solitude by Laura Crooks

Blackberries in the foreground, they are wild,
ready to swallow the chair.
In the grocery, they lie fat and indolent,
anemic hothouse plastic.

At the river they grew all over
and I picked two gallons
in a morning, smaller but real
and wicked little tarts, lost.

Now my fog eyes think vines
are city skylines, blackberries
inching their way up concrete, steel,
crawling up from the river
where they were stepped on,
chainsawed, bulldozed,
a blackberry nation rising,
then fruit raining
into the river, Catawba running
with its secret pouring
into a front yard near you.

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Ann Chandonnet's "Wet Clover" after Eric Schumacher

Artist Eric Schumacher joined the tour of FOUND - Art of Community at Alexander County Library on Saturday, July 13, 2019. Eric's photograph inspired one of Art of Poetry's first contributing poets, Ann Chandonnet who now lives in Missouri, to share this poem from afar.

by Ann Chandonnet
after Water Bubbles by Eric Schumacher

My Mom was born on a 13th in August.
She always considered it her lucky day,
no matter the month.
She enjoyed sitting under the maples 
shading the front lawn
looking for four-leaf clovers.
She had little patience with her five kids
but lots for clovers.

Farming is a hard life,
which did not agree with Mom
who preferred sun bathing
in skimpy halters
to weeding corn,
canning jars of staples
or slinging bales of hay.
So although she had bid
for this farm life,
she left, hovered
looked for four-leafed clovers elsewhere.
None of us accompanied her.

Betty O'Hearn's "Homes of Crayons" after Diane Podolsky

Art of Poetry Catawba Valley's Patricia Deaton reads the poem by Betty O'Hearn at the tour of Alexander County Library on July 1...