Monday, December 31, 2018

Doug McHargue's "Survivor" after Connie Bostic

Doug McHargue photographed at the October 13, 2018 tour of Hickory Museum of Art sharing her poem inspired by Connie Bostic.

by Doug McHargue
after Fit: Brownie by Connie Bostic

The artist has caught me
in days of pink resilience,
there’s nothing organdy starched
statue thick couldn’t solve,
when we still were parades
past statues, in shoes
that matched, Peter Pan
collar tidy lines tying
loose ends.

And there’s the Brownie, my first
camera to keep the world
of backyard kittens, overflowing
skinny inbreds drawn like
the chicken to cross the road
in the dark of night,
me, held together
with pattern pieces
of tissue, and skin,
ephemeral cloth.

Monday, December 10, 2018

Morgan Jenkins's "The Elephant in the Room" after Billie Grace Lynn

Morgan Jenkins shares her poem with the tour at Hickory Museum of Art on October 13, 2018. Billie Grace Lynn's sculpture was included in the BLOW UP exhibit.

by Morgan Jenkins
after White Elephant 1 by Billie Grace Lynn

The Elephant in the room.
It often keeps me up,
Wondering how different things might be
Without that Elephant.

Oh Elephant in the room,
Please teach me how to change.
I want to; I wish to, but I can't.
Not without you, Elephant.

Mr. Elephant in my room,
Why are you so bright? Are you a white liar? 
Or maybe trying to hide the pain deep inside?
I can't go on without knowing, my dear Elephant.

Dear Mr. Elephant in this lonely room,
Please be careful. Please watch over me.
Please don't step on me; I'm already walked over like a doormat.
Please Elephant, I can't do this without you.

This Elephant in the room,
It proves that better is coming; things are changing.
I might just change too. But I can't.
Not without that Elephant.

This Elephant in my room,
Promise me if I change, you'll change too?
Promise me you won't leave me all alone.
I can't keep going without my Elephant.

The Elephant in the room.
People start to notice you,
And they try to change you.
But please don't change without me.

Monday, December 3, 2018

Jaycey Deal's "Cold Hands" after Myrtice West

Jaycey Deal photographed in the Folk Art exhibit area of Hickory Museum of Art at the October 13, 2018 event.  She was inspired by folk artist Myrtice West.

by Jaycey Adrian Deal
after Myrtice West 

The love of her life
took the love of her heart.
From flowers on her birthday, 
To flowers on her grave. 
The death of a daughter,
The tears of a mother, 
All by the hands of a father.

Betty O'Hearn's "Homes of Crayons" after Diane Podolsky

Art of Poetry Catawba Valley's Patricia Deaton reads the poem by Betty O'Hearn at the tour of Alexander County Library on July 1...