Sunday, February 10, 2019

Patricia Deaton's "Old House" after Douglas Grant

Art of Poetry's Patricia Deaton shares her poem inspired by the Douglas Grant watercolor at Art of Poetry Catawba Valley's tour of Hickory Museum of Art - October 13, 2018.

by Patricia Deaton
after Over Yander by Douglas Grant

Old House, call the young girl home
who cooked for those who raised your roof that day.

They lingered underneath this oak, among them
young men, bound to go to war.

Call to that whole family, sick inside your cozy walls
order nailed upon the door to keep disease and death in.

They rest now upon the rise, stones as white as bones
that mark their graves.

Call to the man who wanders in across the yard
from bottom land, and wonders if he’s seen this place before

Upstairs in dreams, he cries for things he never will forget
and hopes, to God, he never sees again.

Old house, call all the people home who filled
your days with hard and less-hard ways of life
back thenwhen innocence could not last for long.

Monday, February 4, 2019

Melissa Hager's "Revelation 2" after Robert Eades

Robert Eades's provocative elevator room installation is the subject of "Revelation 2" by Melissa Hager. She shared the poem at the Hickory Museum of Art tour on October 13, 2018.  The next Art of Poetry Catawba Valley tour of an art institution will be announced in the coming weeks. Photo courtesy of Hickory Museum of Art.

By Melissa Hager
after elevator room installation by Robert Eades

Focus on God’s beauty 
even descending into the abyss. 
Every roll, dip and sway experienced 
is within Alpha and Omega’s mighty hand.

He didn’t create the metal tube, engines, 
within which to plunge 
into the storm. He didn’t compel 
you buy the ticket to ride. 

Yahweh gives a world with water, 
food, air, resources for shelter. 
As His gifts are depleted, 
to grant the greed of Adam 

and Eve’s offspring, the snake 
gets the last bite. 
But the devil too will perish
in an unsustainable world. 

Monday, January 7, 2019

Kourtney Rabinowitz's "Momentary Peace" after Lewis deSoto

The Lewis deSoto sculpture, Paranirvana, photographed along with other pieces in the BLOW UP exhibit at Hickory Museum of Art. 

by Kourtney Rabinowitz
after Paranirvana by Lewis deSoto

I lie in repose
As the arms and legs
Of our modern world’s soldiers
March by, convinced if they don't,
The cogs of progress will freeze in place

I live in repose
As greed’s roots
Take hold in the corners of the sphere
And the curves of our hearts
Spiraling into the composted remains
Of its ultimate reward

I lie in repose as
The moving pictures of my mind
Rubble where walls once stood
Flowers where the discards of existence abided
Outstretched hands where fists once thrusted

I awake
And hope it was not just a dream

Monday, December 31, 2018

Doug McHargue's "Survivor" after Connie Bostic

Doug McHargue photographed at the October 13, 2018 tour of Hickory Museum of Art sharing her poem inspired by Connie Bostic.

by Doug McHargue
after Fit: Brownie by Connie Bostic

The artist has caught me
in days of pink resilience,
there’s nothing organdy starched
statue thick couldn’t solve,
when we still were parades
past statues, in shoes
that matched, Peter Pan
collar tidy lines tying
loose ends.

And there’s the Brownie, my first
camera to keep the world
of backyard kittens, overflowing
skinny inbreds drawn like
the chicken to cross the road
in the dark of night,
me, held together
with pattern pieces
of tissue, and skin,
ephemeral cloth.

Monday, December 10, 2018

Morgan Jenkins's "The Elephant in the Room" after Billie Grace Lynn

Morgan Jenkins shares her poem with the tour at Hickory Museum of Art on October 13, 2018. Billie Grace Lynn's sculpture was included in the BLOW UP exhibit.

by Morgan Jenkins
after White Elephant 1 by Billie Grace Lynn

The Elephant in the room.
It often keeps me up,
Wondering how different things might be
Without that Elephant.

Oh Elephant in the room,
Please teach me how to change.
I want to; I wish to, but I can't.
Not without you, Elephant.

Mr. Elephant in my room,
Why are you so bright? Are you a white liar? 
Or maybe trying to hide the pain deep inside?
I can't go on without knowing, my dear Elephant.

Dear Mr. Elephant in this lonely room,
Please be careful. Please watch over me.
Please don't step on me; I'm already walked over like a doormat.
Please Elephant, I can't do this without you.

This Elephant in the room,
It proves that better is coming; things are changing.
I might just change too. But I can't.
Not without that Elephant.

This Elephant in my room,
Promise me if I change, you'll change too?
Promise me you won't leave me all alone.
I can't keep going without my Elephant.

The Elephant in the room.
People start to notice you,
And they try to change you.
But please don't change without me.

Monday, December 3, 2018

Jaycey Deal's "Cold Hands" after Myrtice West

Jaycey Deal photographed in the Folk Art exhibit area of Hickory Museum of Art at the October 13, 2018 event.  She was inspired by folk artist Myrtice West.

by Jaycey Adrian Deal
after Myrtice West 

The love of her life
took the love of her heart.
From flowers on her birthday, 
To flowers on her grave. 
The death of a daughter,
The tears of a mother, 
All by the hands of a father.

Monday, November 26, 2018

Mikayah Parson's "Sugar and Spice" after Connie Bostic

Mikayah Parsons photographed on October 13, 2018 between the Connie Bostic works that inspired her at Art of Poetry Catawba Valley's tour of Hickory Museum of Art. 

by Mikayah Parsons
after Sugar and Spice by Connie Bostic

Sugar, spice, and everything nice. 
Surrounded by shapes, surrounded by life. 
They label me with numbers; 
"Stay still. Don't move."
They beg me, "Suck in. There can always be more room." 
Sugar, spice, and everything nice. 

They tell me to smile. I think that I do. 
"No, that's too much. Be simple. Be you."
I push my chin out, pout like a doll. 
This gets them cheering, "Now, do that for them all!"
Sugar, spice, and everything nice. 

I'm growing into my curves, 
But they make me insecure. 
"Don't be so prudish," they urge. 

"Be ladylike. Purge." 
During the break, I sneak away to eat,
But their eyes are upon me, forcing me to retreat. 
Sugar, spice, and everything nice. 

They compliment me. 
"Kid, you're doing great! Give yourself a pat on the back!"
But all I feel is hate, waiting for them to attack.
They shower me with flowers, with smiles and applause,
But deeper still inside myself, I'm hiding from their claws.
Sugar, spice, and everything nice. 

"Don't you want to be just like her?"
They crowd around me, ask me for my name.
I put my pen to paper, and smile behind my shame.
The little girls all smile at me, they show me how they pose. 
Too bad they'll never make it in the industry
If I'm one to suppose.
Sugar, spice, and everything nice.

In the dressing room, they whisper about me. 
Their tones are far from hushed. 
"I remember when she was a fat little thing.
Her hair was rarely brushed."
I tug my locks self-consciously. 
Their snickers make me retch. 
I hear my name from center stage. 
"Go on, little doggie. Fetch."
Sugar, spice, and everything nice.

All I wanted was to be a good girl, the kind they talk about in the movies and on TV. 
All I ever wanted was to be happy.
But they took my dreams and used them against me, 
And the standards became like family. 
I look in the mirror, stroking my face.
"One day, little princess. One day, one day."
Nothing else will suffice.

Patricia Deaton's "Old House" after Douglas Grant

Art of Poetry's Patricia Deaton shares her poem inspired by the Douglas Grant watercolor at Art of Poetry Catawba Valley's tour ...