Monday, August 27, 2018

Doug McHargue's "Unseen Kites" after Owen-Murakami and Van Ameyden

Doug McHargue photographed at Caldwell Arts Council on June 9, 2018 for the first Art of Poetry Catawba Valley tour of 2018. 

by Doug McHargue
After Ginger Owen-Murakami and Vicki Van Ameyden

My feet glued to ground,
it's hard to think
I've ever floated
in this life,
not so hard to see
the girl, innocent
smile, angel pure dress

Or the group of kids
laughter levitating
story book minds
above too-small rooms,
yelling people, too big.

But it's really hard
to see the old man
with the set mouth
who's sat too long
for the photo,
just wants to change
to overalls,
get this over with, dammit -
how he slogs through
flooded fields and swamps,
gossamer, light like ghost birds
at his back,
the mouth one day released.

1 comment:

  1. Fantastic, as always, Doug!!! You have such a way with words.


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